Funny face.


Things I find when I walk around the neighborhood.

I’m back on track with my sunrise walks. Up at 6 and out the door by 6:15 a.m. for a 2.75 mile brisk walk around the ‘hood.

It’s a 5-day-a-week habit I started in early June to get back in shape after all the turmoil of job instability and relocating to Texas back in June 2015. The weight adds up quickly when I don’t pay attention.

I like walking early in the morning. It’s not hot, for one thing, but there are very few folks out-and-about at that hour. It’s quiet. Peaceful.

I’m always looking around – just like with photography – for weird things around me, plus I don’t like surprises as I’m walking around the neighborhood. We have critters.

The stuff I find may end up in a collage, it may end up in a jar or folder with other found items, or it may end up getting tossed.

I did the same thing in Santa Clara. No reason to change my habits here.


Up close.


A little macro fun.

I took advantage of the morning light to step out onto the patio with my Panasonic Lumix DMC-GX1, the fun little Pentax C-mount 25mm ƒ1.4 manual focus lens, plus a coupla’ extension tubes to make a few macro flower shots.

At ƒ1.4 the CCTV lens makes really cool in-your-face portraits, with a lot of swirly bokeh in the background, but to get any kind of sharpness when shooting macros I have to knock it down a few stops to get a little deeper depth of field. Plus with an extension tube at wide-open it’s near impossible to hand-hold and focus.

Here are four that turned out…


White Vinca







My trusty little friend.


National Camera Day 2018.

The Ricoh GR Digital II is still one of my fave cameras to make pictures with.

I’ve had this awesome little camera for quite a while. 10 years this month, to be exact.

Along with the camera, I got the tiny little GV-2 viewfinder, the wide-angle adapter/lens, and the external cabled shutter release.

Seein’ as how today is #NationalCameraDay I’d like to share a few pictures I’ve made with this beauty since 2008.



Summer Solstice.


Sunset on the longest day of the year.

Summer is here.

Actually, it got here a little earlier considering we’ve had a month of days with 90º to 99º weather since May 15.

We got a little bit of rain the early morning of June 4 and little bit fell over two days this week.

It came from an area of tropical low pressure that made its way inland from the gulf. Not strong enough to push heavy rains our way, but we saw some – I have a rain gauge out back – the total for those 2 days was ½”. Not bad.

Little Annie Bell and I got caught in a light rain while we were on her morning walk… it actually felt quite refreshing.

We certainly could use more, but half an inch is better than nothing!

Pistons on the Square.

A hot and sticky June Morning.

I woke up early yesterday to drive up to  Georgetown for the monthly Pistons on the Square car show.

Beautiful setting, the town square is, just off the main drag, South Austin Avenue.

I only lasted about an hour and a half, as there weren’t as many cars as usual. Making the walk around the court house twice, I got a few good shots and talked to quite a few rodders.

Not too shabby.


Walking around a craft fair.

We got out yesterday with friends, taking in Vintage Market Days at HEB Center in Cedar Park. While it seemed less vintage and more manufactured ‘Shabby Chic,’ there were still a few interesting and cool objects hiding amongst the mundane.

The morning started out cloudy and a bit windy, proving to be a challenge for vendors. Stuff flying everywhere! The cloud cover cleared an hour after we arrived, but the wind persisted. And it got warm. Hot.

We lasted 2 hours, total. Other than a bit of sun, we didn’t come away with much. It was a fun outing, nonetheless .

We headed for a well known, local chain Tex-Mex restaurant that was nearby, one that had recently opened in this part of town, but we’d not yet tried. Chow was great – I had chicken enchiladas – but their margaritas could’ve been better.

Pretty decent morning, all the way around.

Here are a few pictures I made with the TtV rig…

SPECS | Pentax *ist D, Sigma 28-135 3.8-5.6 macro + Kodak Duaflex II, art board contraption + Urban Acid, modified


Blurry vision.

The un-f64 Club.

I’m a blur addict. It started with a Lensbaby photo I’d seen years ago on a photoblog. We’re talkin’ before Flickr. Mannequins in a storefront, I seem to recall. Or something like that. 14-15 years does make it hard to remember exactly.

Since then I’ve added many tools in search of awesome blur. There are numerous Lensbaby versions in my collection. Pinhole Cameras, various pinhole and pancake body caps, even a Polaroid Colorpack II-pinhole conversion. All in an effort to sharpen (pun intended) my blur game.

I love it all. Motion, out of focus, bokeh. Anything blurry, really.

In fact, my infatuation is so deep that I curate a tumblr dedicated to fuzzy and blurry photography > fuzzblur

Here’s an assortment of blurry goodness from over the years…