Plastic Fantastic.


What’s old is new… again.

I haven’t shot 35mm film in quite a while, probably around 10 years. I still have all my film cameras and a healthy stash of all kinds of expired film. No excuses, I’m just not into it these days. It’s 2017 and I know a lot of folks are seriously into film, and I get it, but it is expensive to process and the good-image-to-bad ratio is kind of a deal killer for me.

At any rate, I did like playing around with ’em. This Vivitar Ultra Wide & Slim is a cool little totally plastic 35mm shooter.


The VUWS needs lots of light, as the aperture is fixed at f11. The focal length is 22mm, a nice, respectable wide angle. The shutter speed is not too bad at 1/125 second, but with all this goin’ on, ISO 400 film is still the way to go.

These are scans of prints, 13 shots taken in San Francisco for World Toy Camera Day way back in mid-October 2008. I used Kodak Elite Chrome 100 slide film and had it processed C-41 instead of E-6. Love the color shifts!


Maybe I’ll load this guy up the next time I get out shooting…

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