Making photographs through a toy kaleidoscope.

I first attempted making these little gems way back in April of 2010…

While digging through some boxes in the garage tonight I found a toy kaleidoscope.

I couldn’t tell you how it ended up in my possession, but it’s likely I got hold of it while I worked at The Tech Museum of Innovation in San Jose, California.

Forever the playful child, I had to try shooting through it!

I made my way in the house and pulled out the D-Lux 4 from my camera bag. I took a few shots at 16:9, then switched to 1:1 half way through.

The macro worked great on that little thing.

This time around the K-scope was out in plain site, on a shelf above my art table in the studio. And once again, I went into the house to grab the D-Lux 4, changed the aspect ratio to 1:1 and switched film mode to Dynamic Black and White.

I found a few interesting items to shoot… random grey dots on a piece of white paper, a sheet of ABS with a little white spray paint on it, the home screen of my iPhone, and fluorescent shop lights in the garage.

Making it work was a simple matter of hand-holding the flat end of the toy against the front of the barrel surrounding the lens. The zoom function worked, as well, so getting in closer made for more options, composition-wise.

Very abstract. Very cool.









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