The people you meet.

This is José. He and his wife, Diane, lived down the street from us in Santa Clara. Super nice guy. Into film photography. He gave me a bunch of expired film from his fridge in their garage. I mean, how could you not like a guy that gives you film for free?

Over the years, whenever I walked any of our dogs around the ‘hood chances are we’d see one or two neighbors out talking, doing yardwork, or just plain fiddlin’ in their driveways. Little devil that I am, I always made a point of interrupting their day when the pups and I came upon them working.

15, 20, 30 minutes would pass as we talked about goings on in the ‘hood, local politics, and home projects.

Dogs are such awesome ice-breakers when it comes to meeting and talking to people. I mean, who doesn’t love dogs?

That’s the one thing I miss about California. People were always out. Here in Texas, in our new neighborhood, I don’t see as many folks dinkin’ around their yards.

I made this picture with a Holga toy camera. I still have that camera. And some 120 film. I should put the two together and stick it in my camera bag.

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