I gotta pee.

I recently made the drive into Austin to attend an opening for George Brainard, a long-time Austin resident and amazing portrait photographer. George was showing his work as part of the inaugural FotoATX Festival, a month-long celebration of Austin photographers, currently open at libraries, galleries, and community centers across the city.

His work was displayed on the 6th floor of the new Austin Public Library, and this was my first visit to the building.

I made my way to the 5th floor via elevator, then walked up one flight of stairs to the top floor.

First things first. I had to pee.

I found a men’s bathroom right near the staircase, made my way through the door, found an empty stand-up, and took care of business. Whew! It was then that I noticed the glass-tiled wall behind the fixture and the amazing reflections of the long, thin pieces of tile in the chrome.

I finished up, got myself together, washed my hands then swung my LX100 from around my neck and shoulder, walked back and composed this shot.

Yes, it did feel a bit weird. No, there wasn’t anybody else in there. I’d have skipped the shot if there was.

The rest of the library is gorgeous, too.

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