Weird iPhone shots.


In praise of the odd.

My wife was a luddite. She’s changed bunches over the years, but while she was working – we’re talkin’ close to 20 years ago – she didn’t want anything to do with computers. She’d claim “I’m in front of a peecee all day long, why would I want to look at one on my own time?!”

A short time after they came out, we got ourselves a pair of the clam-shell G3 iBooks. She’d learned that shopping online was a thing. I honestly think if it weren’t for shopping she’d never have made that leap! Her’s was orange and I got the graphite colored case.

She was the same way with any type of mobile phone. Our first was a Motorola Razor. It took a lot of convincing to get her to buy-in, and she really didn’t have much luck with using the thing. It’s a totally different animal from an ATT push-button land-line phone we had in our home! Like I said, luddite.

Even after the iPhone was released, she was hesitant because of the price. I’d pretty much given up hope that I’d ever have a smart phone.

It took me 3 years to convince my boss at the university – an extremely technically challenge old guy – that having a smart phone would be a perfect addition to my Web Marketing Manager toolkit. Other folks in the department had just plain given up and bought their own. Made sense. Right? I remember being in total awe of Sarah’s new iPhone, just after the first version came out in 2007. Green with envy, I was.

He finally came around. I was able to land an iPhone 4. I absolutely loved that thing. And one of the first apps I loaded was ShakeItPhoto. You can probably see where I’m going with this.

For the longest time I stopped using my “real” cameras. I had a camera in my pocket, for goodness sake! And I used ShakeItPhoto exclusively.

Back to my x-luddite wife… so now she’s into it. She loves her 6. She tells me “our life is on this thing.” We’ve both upgraded from 2009 black MacBooks to 2016 13″ MacBooks. She’s still doing serious damage shopping online. 8^)

I still have ShakeItPhoto loaded on my 6. Probably my all-time fave iPhone app. Thank you, Nick Campbell.

I scrolled through my Flickr set of ShakeItPhotos and picked out a bunch of the weird shots – odd angles, strange subjects, unusual compositions – these fun, strange, and off-kilter photos are among my favorites.

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