Spring has sprung.


Color everywhere.

I am not going to miss Winter one bit. See ya!

But I am looking forward to a few fun outings coming up in the next week or so.

It’ll feel good to get out with cameras instead of just hanging out around the house and snapping pictures of growth in our gardens, not that I couldn’t find beauty out there, but it’ll be a welcome change of scenery.

We’re driving to Round Top for the Antiques Fair and I’m gonna go to the Lonestar Round Up. I might even squeeze in a stroll with PhotowalksATX.

Plenty of new stuff to see and shoot.

One more nifty thing, I was selected as JPG Magazine’s Member of the Week for March 16, 2018.

The comeback kid.


Fall Mum

We found this gorgeous yellow mini-Mum at Costco last fall. It threw out quite a few flowers before the Winter freezes hit, and it managed to make it through the bits of snow we saw here in December. After trimming away dead wood a few weeks ago, it started to really explode with new growth. I can’t wait to see it show little yellow blossoms…

A change of season.


First signs.

I’ve been feeling much better these days.

Here we are, the beginning of March and outside first signs of Spring abound. In mid-November I planted a bunch of bulbs in the raised beds out back. Narcissus, Tulips, and Ranunculus. The Daffodils are opening up right now and their bright yellow color is the perfect antidote for a way-too-long winter and a beautiful way to usher in a change of season.