Blurry vision.

The un-f64 Club.

I’m a blur addict. It started with a Lensbaby photo I’d seen years ago on a photoblog. We’re talkin’ before Flickr. Mannequins in a storefront, I seem to recall. Or something like that. 14-15 years does make it hard to remember exactly.

Since then I’ve added many tools in search of awesome blur. There are numerous Lensbaby versions in my collection. Pinhole Cameras, various pinhole and pancake body caps, even a Polaroid Colorpack II-pinhole conversion. All in an effort to sharpen (pun intended) my blur game.

I love it all. Motion, out of focus, bokeh. Anything blurry, really.

In fact, my infatuation is so deep that I curate a tumblr dedicated to fuzzy and blurry photography > fuzzblur

Here’s an assortment of blurry goodness from over the years…

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