My trusty little friend.


National Camera Day 2018.

The Ricoh GR Digital II is still one of my fave cameras to make pictures with.

I’ve had this awesome little camera for quite a while. 10 years this month, to be exact.

Along with the camera, I got the tiny little GV-2 viewfinder, the wide-angle adapter/lens, and the external cabled shutter release.

Seein’ as how today is #NationalCameraDay I’d like to share a few pictures I’ve made with this beauty since 2008.



Summer Solstice.


Sunset on the longest day of the year.

Summer is here.

Actually, it got here a little earlier considering we’ve had a month of days with 90º to 99º weather since May 15.

We got a little bit of rain the early morning of June 4 and little bit fell over two days this week.

It came from an area of tropical low pressure that made its way inland from the gulf. Not strong enough to push heavy rains our way, but we saw some – I have a rain gauge out back – the total for those 2 days was ½”. Not bad.

Little Annie Bell and I got caught in a light rain while we were on her morning walk… it actually felt quite refreshing.

We certainly could use more, but half an inch is better than nothing!

Pistons on the Square.

A hot and sticky June Morning.

I woke up early yesterday to drive up to  Georgetown for the monthly Pistons on the Square car show.

Beautiful setting, the town square is, just off the main drag, South Austin Avenue.

I only lasted about an hour and a half, as there weren’t as many cars as usual. Making the walk around the court house twice, I got a few good shots and talked to quite a few rodders.