Something a little different.

Tillery Street Plant Co.

Carpooling to the nursery.

In an effort to meet other people that’re into gardening, I recently became a little more active on where I joined a local gardening group.

The group is limited to 50 people, and every time I tried to join, it was maxed, so it took a while to get in as I waited – somewhat patiently – for others to leave the group. My persistence paid off.

Sunday afternoon 3 of us carpooled down to Austin’s Tillery Street Plant Co. and East Austin Succulents.

Pretty cool little side-by-side nurseries. Lots of plants and pots and plenty of shade with good-sized electric fans spinning to keep everything and everybody cool.

My new friends, Kali and Chris, both purchased something from East Austin Succulents and I found a great terracotta pot at TSPCo for the red and white Vinca our neighbors gave us a few weeks back.

The trip was a little over 2 hours total and I had a blast. Always good to meet new folk.


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