Dog Bone Soup.



A long while ago I started a blog on for the purpose of highlighting photos I made using film cameras. It’s called Dog Bone Soup. I abandoned it in 2011, but it still exists.

Well, I’ve resurrected the name and premise on Instagram. In my goal to use up my film stash it made sense to start again fresh on the now dominant platform for sharing photography.

dogbonesoup-2019-ig-icon-little-bigger-steam-2.jpgThe simple logo I’d created for blogger needed attention, so I tweaked the design slightly and added color and a little shading.

I also created a Photoshop template that’s 1080 pixels square with the IG handle @dogbonesoup centered near the bottom, a consistent location for branding.

Over time I’ll be posting 100+ pictures made in the past and new images made from my fairly hefty stash of film.

Speaking of film, I’ve ordered many of the items on my list of film dev stuff from this post, awaiting their arrival.

Time to get out and shoot some black and white. I’m jazzed about the prospects.

Please, visit and follow @dogbonesoup on IG.

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