Scenes from Ground Hog Day.

Torri calls me rut-boy.

I’m a fan of routine. I like patterns. I like consistency. I’m okay with repetition. Finding a groove is cool by me.

Every morning I get up at the same time, go through a long list of gyrations – set-up my daily log, check the temp out back, plug in the coffee maker, check my blood pressure, take my meds, and pour a cup of coffee – all before I sit down at the computer to post daily glimpses on social media.

By the end of that cup of coffee, I’m much more awake. By 7:30-ish Annie and I head out the door for her walk. After that, breakfast. Then I set my agenda for the day.

My routine was much the same before, but since March I feel like my routine has morphed into scenes from Ground Hog Day.

Wagon wheel.


Cyanotype on Canson Bristol board.

This is a digital shot I made a coupla’ weeks back using my old Pentax 330GS.

The image was converted to black and white using Photoshop, where I also increased the contrast a bit, and inverted it to make a negative. I then opened the file in Illustrator, scaled it to around 8″ x 10″, then printed the image on acetate using our old Samsung laser printer.

It’s about an 8 minute exposure.