Growing old is not for the meek.

Birthday selfie.

I do one every year.

It’s my way of tracking the aging process.


My trusty little friend.


National Camera Day 2018.

The Ricoh GR Digital II is still one of my fave cameras to make pictures with.

I’ve had this awesome little camera for quite a while. 10 years this month, to be exact.

Along with the camera, I got the tiny little GV-2 viewfinder, the wide-angle adapter/lens, and the external cabled shutter release.

Seein’ as how today is #NationalCameraDay I’d like to share a few pictures I’ve made with this beauty since 2008.



Pistons on the Square.

A hot and sticky June Morning.

I woke up early yesterday to drive up to  Georgetown for the monthly Pistons on the Square car show.

Beautiful setting, the town square is, just off the main drag, South Austin Avenue.

I only lasted about an hour and a half, as there weren’t as many cars as usual. Making the walk around the court house twice, I got a few good shots and talked to quite a few rodders.

Not too shabby.


Walking around a craft fair.

We got out yesterday with friends, taking in Vintage Market Days at HEB Center in Cedar Park. While it seemed less vintage and more manufactured ‘Shabby Chic,’ there were still a few interesting and cool objects hiding amongst the mundane.

The morning started out cloudy and a bit windy, proving to be a challenge for vendors. Stuff flying everywhere! The cloud cover cleared an hour after we arrived, but the wind persisted. And it got warm. Hot.

We lasted 2 hours, total. Other than a bit of sun, we didn’t come away with much. It was a fun outing, nonetheless .

We headed for a well known, local chain Tex-Mex restaurant that was nearby, one that had recently opened in this part of town, but we’d not yet tried. Chow was great – I had chicken enchiladas – but their margaritas could’ve been better.

Pretty decent morning, all the way around.

Here are a few pictures I made with the TtV rig…

SPECS | Pentax *ist D, Sigma 28-135 3.8-5.6 macro + Kodak Duaflex II, art board contraption + Urban Acid, modified


The Annual Lensless Sunday.


Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day 2018.

About two weeks ago I broke out the GF1/Pinwide combo in anticipation of WPPD2018, hoping to, ahead of the main event, recapture the mojo this combo dishes out. I stayed within the confines of our garage, looking for intersting objects and compositions to shoot, and came away with a few decent shots.

Happy enough with the results of my tinkering, I put the camera aside and started prepping for ‘Roid Week Spring 2018. Yet another somewhat specific challenge that I enjoy participating in twice a year. There’s always hope that the images I submit will gain a post in one of the daily fave threads in the Flickr group, but that didn’t happen this time around. What did happen was one of my SQ10 shots made the Utata front page. An honor. Thanks again, Greg.

So, WPPD2018 arrived. I got out with the GF1/Pinwide combo late morning, walking around areas of the neighborhood still under construction. Great weather, but at that time of day the light can be a bit tricky. I found a lot of interesting things to shoot in that part of the development.

I wandered back into our part of the ‘hood and navigated the big loop that leads back to our home. I know it’s not cool to trespass to get a shot, but sometimes the risk is worth the reward. I may have done that a time or two. Maybe.

I made it home safely. Mission accomplished. I made 77 images, with 18 keepers, and 9 worthy of sharing.

SPECS | Panasonic LUMIX DMC-GF1, 1:1, ISO 3200, Dynamic Black and White + Wanderlust Pinwide, 22mm, f128


‘Roid Week 2018.

Instant, with a twist.

I dig instant pictures. They’re so fun. So cool. I have a decent collection of old Polaroid cameras… SX70 Model 2, Land Camera 180, Colorpack II (and one I converted into a pinhole!), and Spectra AF. Plus a couple of NOS 600 One Step Close Ups – and film for most of them.  Like I said, fun. Cool.

The Fujifilm Instax SQ10 is another cool camera, and the camera I used for this year’s ‘Roid Week Spring 2018 shoot-out.

SPECS | Fujifilm Instax SQ10 + Fujifilm Instax Square Instant Film



Spring has sprung.


Color everywhere.

I am not going to miss Winter one bit. See ya!

But I am looking forward to a few fun outings coming up in the next week or so.

It’ll feel good to get out with cameras instead of just hanging out around the house and snapping pictures of growth in our gardens, not that I couldn’t find beauty out there, but it’ll be a welcome change of scenery.

We’re driving to Round Top for the Antiques Fair and I’m gonna go to the Lonestar Round Up. I might even squeeze in a stroll with PhotowalksATX.

Plenty of new stuff to see and shoot.

One more nifty thing, I was selected as JPG Magazine’s Member of the Week for March 16, 2018.