6 days, 12 instants.

Fall ‘RoidWeek 2018.

Today is the last day of Fall ‘RoidWeek 2018. I uploaded two-a-day starting Sunday.

All my instant shots were made with the Fujifilm Instax Square SQ10.

There were plenty of awesome instants uploaded over the past week, check out the pool on Flickr.

Here are my contributions…



Loaded up.


Ready to go.

I have three cameras loaded up with film, ready to get out and shoot.

My Olympus Stylus Epic is loaded with Kodak Ektar 100, 36 exposure, Color 35mm.

The Lomo Sprocket Rocket has a roll of Fujifilm Superia 800, 24 exposure, Color 35mm in it.

The Holga 120N is ready to go with Ilford PAN F Plus 50, Black and White, 12 exposure, 120mm.

Now all I need is for my Plantar Fasciitis to calm down for a day and hope that a little let-up in the rain that’s been falling in Central Texas happens simultaneously.

Maybe this Sunday…