$99 a year.


… and maybe get published.

Interesting what’s happening to JPG Magazine.

From what I’ve been able to gather, new owners, it’ll be an actual printed magazine again, and a 4 issue annual subscription is $99.

I was in at the start – around 2004 – and thought it was pretty cool.  It took me until Issue 6, Oops! to have one one of my pictures published. Then again in Issue 16. Plus I wrote an article about Through the Viewfinder photography that was published with accompanying TtVs in Issue 8.


It was awesome to see my work in a printed magazine.

I can’t recall the subscription details, but I seem to remember that if your shot was published you got a free copy of that issue. I think. Time and my memory are a disastrous combo!

It was awesome to see my work in a printed magazine.

After co-founders Heather Champ and Derek Powazek left – and largely because of the way they were treated – it lost its luster for me.

I stopped posting on JPG for a long while, then a few years back I started again. That didn’t last very long. No printed magazine. And like Flickr these days, hardly any engagement. Because, Instagram.


I still have JPG Issues 1-3, 6-9, and 16. And when I had the good fortune to be introduced to them at a San Francisco photo meet-up, I got Heather and Derek to autograph my copy of Issue 1. Nifty.

In a recent email announcement to current account holders, it was revealed that there will no longer be an online community. Just the mobile app for submittal and the printed magazine. No clues as to how images will be selected for each magazine.

I’m not bothering with downloading my old JPG posts because I have all that stuff backed up on external drives.


In the meantime I’ve saddled up with SHOTS Magazine. A black and white quarterly. I posted about it on RMSOWPS1964 back around mid-2018.

While I’m not yet ready to subscribe to the new JPG Magazine, I will be watching. Hopefully issues will be individually available for sale. I’m curious to see how this’ll work.

JPG Magazine was acquired in September 2019 by 100 Tribes, Inc. Dev Tandon is the new publisher.

Like I said, interesting.


Every once in a great while.


Not often, but…

Every once in a while an image I’ve made gets a little attention.

One of my pinhole images was published in SHOTS Magazine, Fall 2019 Issue No. 145 “The Journey.”

It’s 35/45, the picture I made with the Zero Image 6×9 and an expired roll of Fuji Acros 100. The story of this pinhole adventure/experiment is well documented in an earlier post.

I pointed to the same same post when I uploaded the image to Flickr.

To my delight, the picture in that post ended up on Flickr’s Explore, which is something that hasn’t happened for my work in a really long time.

I noticed it earlier this month. Any comments on Flickr are rare these days and the notification made me check it out. At the time there were 58 faves. Crazy. The comments indicated the picture made Explore.

I went there, scrolled through until I found the image. Verification! Pretty cool!


As of today “35/45. a little experiment” has 9,121 views, 75 faves, and 4 comments.


I make images to satisfy a personal need, but it certainly is nice to have this kind of reaction to my work. And I appreciate it.