Happy new year!


2018 holds so much promise.

2017 was our second full year of Texas Life. We’re finally settled in.

And in that year I’ve met a lot of great people and discovered that there is much to see and do in Central Texas.

Retirement is definitely agreeing with the Mrs. and me. Our new home is more than we could ask for. There are just a few home projects left to complete.

There are plans for travel, not only within the Lone Star State, but to surrounding states and beyond.

I’m going to dedicate this year to improving my health. I’d like to live at least as long as my Mom. She reached 90 years old. The only way that’s going to happen is by making positive changes in my diet, committing to daily exercise, and striving to keep my mind active by reading, making art, and practicing guitar.

And, well, photography.

I’ve updated the ‘Galleries’ section of this blog with a selection of my personal faves from 2017. Check ’em out…

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