Ten years before.


One slippery little devil.

I made the above picture 10 years ago, to the day. I used a Samsung NV11 point-and-shoot. 10.1 megapixels. Schneider-Kreuznach 2.8 lens. Awesome macro capability.

It was a pocket-sized little guy that I really liked. The “Smart Touch” interface was quite unique, with user navigation menus and control functions accessed by sliding a finger across multiple buttons that surrounded the 2.7 inch display. Weird but cool.

I got some decent shots with that little guy.

Sadly, it didn’t last very long. The NV11 body only had one connecting lug for a wrist strap. I’m a neck strap kinda’ guy.

I dropped it twice, but it kept working. The third drop killed it.

I have a Nikon P300 that has the same 1-lug problem. I’ve had it for 6 years. Another great little point-and-shoot. I attached a Hakuba Neck Strap to the lug… it’s actually more like a lanyard with a detachable clip that uses a thin nylon string loop. Although it’s no longer available, there are plenty of alternatives available that serve the same purpose.

I’m happy to report the P300 has yet to hit the ground.